Read about Fujitsu General Inverter Air Conditioners / Heat Pumps:

As a result of Fujitsu General’s commitment to design, the wall-mounted unit is in constant demand. One of the few manufacturers to lead rather than keep pace with changing design concepts, Fujitsu General’s reputation in design excellence is well earned. Starting with the outer housing that incorporates the elegance of smooth lines, understated soft corners and finished in delicate ivory tones, through to physically compact units that discreetly compliment any interior.

But that is just the start of Fujitsu’s unbeatable quality. Impressive reliability figures, state of the art technology and a range of features that ensure that the user gets the best performance from every air conditioner. These include the newly developed Super Vane configuration, which boosts air flow throughout the room by directing cool air to all corners of the room. The Power Diffuser feature is adaptable for heating and cooling modes. In the vertical mode, heating is directed to floor level where cold air gathers, while the horizontal mode distributes cool air at ceiling height.

Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more.

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