On the Costa del Sol the Zabell family name has long been synonymous with air conditioning and pool heating. The family arrived on the coast in the late 60´s and by 1974 the father, Gerald, started the first foreign owned air conditioning business in Andalucia. His son, Tim, studied and became a qualified City and Guilds HVAC ( heating, ventilating and air conditioning) engineer at the same time as gaining experience in this field working in London. In 1986 Tim returned to Spain and, with his father, set up ACAIR.

Around this time Fujitsu started to market their air conditioners in Spain. This was the beginning of a partnership which has already lasted almost 30 years. Fujitsu are now distributed in Spain as well as in several other European countries by Eurofred. Eurofred are the biggest company in Europe in Air Conditioning and offer an excellent back up service which, along with the quality of Fujitsu´s products, are the main reasons why Acair have continued to work with Fujitsu all these years. It´s not uncommon for Eurofred to still carry stock of spare parts for units that we installed over 20 years ago.

Also in the 1970´s, Calorex invented a heat pump that was specifically designed to heat swimming pools. They continue to be market leaders in the field of pool heat pumps and dehumidifiers for indoor pools. Gerald Zabell imported some of the first Calorex pool heat pumps ever made in the 1970´s and Acair have been the Calorex agents for Andalucia for 30 years. Calorex have vastly improved their products over the years and have kept way ahead of their competitors. Their latest range of pool heat pumps, the Pro-Pac range, have features such as sound-proofed compressors, smart defrost, new generation titanium heat exchangers and the possibility of installing the heat pump in the pool pump room if there is space or outside if there isn´t. These are features that are unique to Calorex pool heat pumps and make them by far the best heat pumps on the market. The quality of these units is such that we ocassionally service Calorex pool heat pumps that we installed in the 80´s and that are still working despite having had a lot of use. Other clients have decided to update to a newer model after 25 years of enjoying their pools all year round and now have a heat pump that is much quieter and much more efficient.

Acair also supply pool covers. Initially the purpose of these covers was to act as heat retention covers that are necessary if you want to heat your pool throughout the winter. We still supply basic manual covers that are designed solely to keep the heat in the pool but we now specialize in automatic pool covers that are designed not only to keep the heat in the pool but also to keep all dirt and leaves out as well as being safety covers. You can now rest at ease in your home or garden knowing that your children are totally safe without the need for a fence. With all the automatic covers that Acair supply and install, small children and pets can fall onto the cover and simply get up and walk across the cover without any risk of drowning. The beauty of these covers is that you can open them by just turning a key when you want to use your pool and close them by turning the key the other way when you have finished swimming and be totally at ease knowing that the pool is totally safe and your children don´t need to be watched constantly when thay are playing in the garden.

At Acair, we feel that the reason for our success is that we have always worked hard to ensure that our clients get a job well done and a prompt and efficient service. Our staff have been trained by us and have been with us for over 10 years, some much longer. We ensure that all our installation work is carried out to a high standard. We always do a completely finished job which includes making good, painting when necessary and cleaning up after ouselves. You will never need to bring anyone else in to finish off after us or need to run around cleaning up behind us. Also, whenever one of our products needs some post-installation attention we will always take care of your problems very quickly and efficiently. Our sevice engineer is also City and Guilds qualified in the UK and has decades of experience repairing air conditioners and all types of heat pumps.

We feel that these are all good reasons to choose Acair. In a part of the world where companies come and go very fast and often, Acair are the reliable company whose guarantee is worth something.


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