1. A titanium heat exchanger. Most pool heat pumps have these now though the quality may vary.

2. Low sound levels. This is very important as this will be running in your garden and near your neighbours. Calorex are the only make to have sound-proofed the compressors on their heat pumps. The sound level has been massively reduced.

3. Efficiency even in low temperatures. Some heat pumps have a hot gas defrost. Others don´t. If they don´t, they will cut out while the coil defrosts in winter. You will be losing valuable heating time. If they have a hot gas defrost, they will stop and reverse the cycle to use the hot gas from the compressor to defrost the coil. This is more efficient but also wastes time as the compressor must turn off and on again twice and has a time delay each time. The average time lost is around 15 minutes each time. The New Calorex Pro-Pac range has a new invention of their own which is a valve that allows just enough hot gas to go to the coil to defrost it without stopping the compressor. These have an excellent performance in temperatures above 3ºC.

4. Flexibility with siting the unit. All Calorex Domestic Pool Heat Pumps are designed so that they can be installed outside or in a pool pump room. When inside, you cannot see or hear it. This is ideal. When outside they are totally weather-proof. Very few other heat pumps have the option of being installed inside.

All in all, Calorex have proved once again to be several steps ahead of their competitors.

If you are thinking of heating your pool, please contact http://www.acair.com.


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