Modern air conditioners supply very economical heating as well as cooling to give a comfortable all-year-round indoor temperature. Climactic conditions on the Costa del Sol require totally different means of heating from those employed in northern Europe, as winter temperatures here can vary enormously during the day. Air to Air heat pumps make their heating or cooling felt in a matter of minutes and are ideal for a climate that often requires no heating during the day but quickly needs it as darkness falls with the temperature falling even faster.

ACAIR are agents for Fujitsu General due to the high quality of their units and their excellent spare parts service. Fujitsu are world leaders in domestic air conditioners.

An Air to Air heat pump operating on the Costa del Sol saves 70% compared to conventional heating costs, making it by far the most economic form of heating. These units come in various forms: Individual units to air condition one room by means of a wall or floor console or larger units that heat-cool a house, apartment or a whole office building with a centralised system by means of air ducts or centrally-controlled consoles. In addition to wall and floor consoles there are cassette units that fit into false ceilings and are widely used in shops and offices. In addition to heating and cooling, many units can also de-humidify as a separate function: very useful in damp conditions.

One of the old complaints about air conditioning was that it was noisy but the latest Fujitsu Inverter Splits run at 21db on the super-quiet mode ( the quietest on the market!) and the rotary compressor in the exterior unit is also very quiet.

The one room units are installed in a morning with no mess and most people wonder afterwards how they ever managed to live without it.

ACAIR have installed tens of thousands of these units, mainly in the province of Malaga and the Costa Del Sol.


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